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Jul 03, 2014 · There you have the breeding of five “Kelso” yards as bred at Oakdale farm. This is by no means all of the Kelso fowl Cecil Davis bred, only the ones bred as families for several years. For example, in 1958, Cecil bred a yard of six hens given to him by Kelso to a Claret cock also from Kelso. The hens were half Madigin Claret and half Clipper. White hackle game chickens for sale. Whitehackle game chickens. White hackel games chickens. Compare Search ( Please select at least 2 keywords ) Most Searched Keywords. Jun 26, 2014 · Phil Marsh is credited for creating the Butcher bloodline, which is a blend of Grove Whitehackle, some Spanish fowl and Speeders. Calling them Butchers because of his occupation, Phil Marsh often fought under the entry name “Butcher Boys”. Some spangled strains from Texas made it to Cuba back in the 1920's. Butchers are straight-combed red…

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Of course the name Whitehackles comes from the old English custom of trimming the neck hackles close to the skin so that the cocks with a white under feather in the neck would be a whitehackle. Most of the Roundhead gamefowl around were straight comb. I have owned many Roundhead birds in recent years lengthy. 1. Jimmy East (J.E.) Kelso – YLeg 2. J.E. Kelso – WLeg 3. J.J (DR) Kelso – YL 4. J.J (RB) Kelso – YL/WL 5. J.E Leiper H. 6. J.E McClean H. 7.

The hackle is a clipped feather plume that is attached to a military headdress.. In the British Army and the armies of some Commonwealth countries, the hackle is worn by some infantry regiments, especially those designated as fusilier regiments and those with Scottish and Northern Irish origins.

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